A Man and His Companies.

Armando Montelongo’s life story is woven into the fabric of the Armando Montelongo Companies. From broke and living in his in-laws’ garage, to running a rapidly diversifying, multi-million-dollar Inc. 500 enterprise, it’s a story of determination and dedication and passion, of mentorship, of relentlessly positive thinking.

It’s a story of success in the real world of hard knocks.

Real estate investing was the impetus for Armando’s first company. His against-the-grain thinking led to 25 renovation flips per month and a series of remarkable accomplishments in a short amount of time. Armando’s life also is reflected in a service-first attitude toward students, and in the fun-is-productive philosophy that guides all his companies.

Education, the result of a promise he made 10 years ago, was added to show anyone determined to succeed a path.

A desire to promote his hometown of San Antonio guided the creation of a movie production company, and a love for auto racing has led to sponsorships at the legendary Indianapolis 500.

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