Education is at the core of what we do.

In his rise to the top, Armando learned a lot of things. But the two most important were the value of mentors and the need to put other people first in business.

Armando made it a point to seek out and heed the advice and counsel of highly successful people as he worked his way out from under a mountain of debt. And as Armando built his real estate investing empire, he learned that the number one way to get ahead was to help other people solve their problems. Invariably, good things are the result for all involved.

Those lessons, and more, are the basis for the education programs at the Armando Montelongo Companies. As students progress through the learning process, they benefit from Armando’s experiences and the experiences of his mentors and trainers. Students also learn how the philosophy of taking care of other people’s problems helps everyone grow.

Books & DVDs


Students who want to learn more about Armando’s remarkable story can order a copy of his book, “Flip and Grow Rich 2011.” The uniquely formatted book also features personal finance and real estate investing advice, gathered from years of experience. Anyone who orders a copy also will receive a free DVD, “Armando Montelongo: Behind the Scenes,” an inside look at the process of flipping a house in today’s real estate market.

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One of the biggest opportunities today for real estate investors is the foreclosure market. Armando’s e-book, “Making Millions in Foreclosures,” can guide students through the entire process, from helping homeowners facing foreclosure, to negotiating with lenders for the best prices, to refurbishing and selling properties.

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Master Home Study Course


Students who are serious about becoming real estate investors can benefit from the sum of Armando’s experience with the Master Home Study Course. It comes with “Making Millions in Foreclosures,” plus a comprehensive guide to flipping houses for profit.

The package includes:

  • The Foundation of Flipping: Wealth Guide and 3 CDs
  • How to Find the Deals: Wealth Guide and 3 CDs
  • How to Fund the Deals: Wealth Guide and 2 CDs
  • How to Fix the Deals: Wealth Guide and 2 CDs
  • How to Sell the Deals: Wealth Guide and 2 CDs

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VIP Bus Tour ™


The ultimate training experience is the Armando Montelongo VIP Bus Tour, a three-day event in which students get to interact with Armando, learn directly from him about everything from motivation to negotiation, and travel with him to inspect – and potentially invest in – houses in some of the nation’s hottest markets for real estate investing.

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