Bus Tours

Be a part of the famed bus tour, led and taught by Armando himself. A three day event with some of Armando’s most successful and exclusive partners and students.

At the bus tour, you will learn first-hand about house flipping techniques and easy fixes for profit and personal tips and advice from Armando Montelongo.

This is your opportunity to network with other investors, money lenders, and students from all across the US. Learn how to properly assess properties with Armando and some of his most successful students as your guide.

  • A one-of-a-kind event taught by Armando himself
  • Get hands-on training from a team of mentors
  • Network with other student investors and experienced team members
  • Learn how to drive your house flipping business to success
Bus Tour

It took Armando a decade to establish his phenomenal house-flipping system. Learn it from the bus tour in just 3 days!

*Not every student reports back about their performance over the years. It would be safe to expect to make little to no money and it is possible to lose money. The student success stories and examples, while well documented, cannot be considered typical. These students have participated in paid training and are not paid for their endorsement, and a few of our most successful students have joined the team as leaders and mentors. Some of these student deals may have incorporated the students’ cash or credit to grow their portfolio.