Continuing Education

Armando’s step-by-step methodical system works in any financial market, at any given time. But he also knows that the market is continually changing. In order to avoid risks, it’s imperative to continuously be learning. That’s why Armando offers extended education, after bus tours and master mentors.

Armando’s continued courses include, but are not limited to:

Asset Protection

• Get the most essential tools for protecting your finances
• Learn healthy, strategic, and beneficial business planning
• Information on corporate structure and management
• Get the latest information on how to save tax money for your business

Market Domination

• Learn the most efficient ways to flip in any market at this two day event
• Get training on how to flip and find deals in the smallest markets
• Network with sellers and investors to get tips from markets nationwide
• Learn where the top real estate markets in the nation are

Cash Flow

• This three day event trains students to manage rental properties
• Learn the system for rehabbing different types of rental properties
• Tips on how to work with the always changing commercial market
• Accelerate your real estate portfolio with commercial flips

Master Mentor

• Get access to Armando’s real estate hotline for any of your questions
• Receive personal coaching and training on investment techniques
• Implement concepts and techniques created by your personal mentor
• Follow up with a mentor to find what works best for your business

…and more as the market changes!

In these classes, you will learn useful things such as how to protect your finances, information on corporate structure and management, how to save tax money for your business, and learn where the top real estate markets in the nation are.


*Those who avail of the the Continuing Education program will be given the opportunity to purchase additional training. Armando is unable to attend all events and may not attend the event for which you register. Buying and selling real estate, like any other business venture, does have inherent risk and you can lose money.