Reviews & Testimonials

"My name is Josh from Austin, Texas, and this is my sister Evy. One month after attending the Armando event, we got our first house under contract. From start to finish it took two months, and we net profited $17,000."
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Victor and Mica B.


“We’ve been using Armando’s techniques to buy and sell properties, and through everything we learned through Armando, our first 2 properties have netted us $53,000 in profits and has given us a future to count on.”

Antonio Macias


“After learning Armando’s system, I flipped 2 properties that brought me over 55k profit.”

Carmen and Josenry P.


“After learning from Armando’s techniques and teachings we went ahead and bought our first property and made a little bit over $40,000.”

Pat Loya


“On 1 flip, I made $28,000 profit.”

Andy M.


“After learning Armando’s techniques, we closed on our first property and earned over $50,000 with a partner. Since then we’ve been able to close on four more properties and we are also closing on our sixth property in the next couple weeks.”

Jim M.


“Before learning Armando’s system, I knew nothing about real estate prior. After learning his system I made over $40,000 in profit in two flips.”

Janie G.


“I successfully flipped my first property, with no prior real estate experience after learning Armando’s system and I made a profit over $34,000 on my first flip.”

Eric Loya


“I made $28,000 profit on 1 flip after learning Armando’s system.”

Paul and Sunday R.


“After learning Armando’s system, we made over $57,000 in profit in one flip. Thank you Armando!”

Amir H.


“The education I received through Armando’s system was more valuable than my college education. I made over $45,000 in profit on my first flip.”

Billy G.


“I am completely blind and I believe that Armando’s system and formulas can enable anyone to make money in real estate. I successfully made over $22,000 in profit on two flips.”

Jake L.


“I closed on my first property about 2 months after attending Armando’s events, which yielded $35,000 in a little over 30 days.”