Line Of Duty

Formerly known as Mission Park, Line of Duty is the first presentation ofArmando Montelongo Productions.

Written and directed by Armando Montelongo Companies very own Bryan Ramirez, Line of Duty tells the story of four childhood friends who end up on the opposite side of the law.

Bobby Ramirez (played by Jeremy Ray Valdez) and his adopted brother Julian Medina (Will Rothhaar) graduate from the FBI, unbeknownst to everyone except their father. The two brothers go undercover to infiltrate an illegal drug organization run by none other than their childhood friends and feared drug lord Jason Martinez (Walter Perez) and his right-hand man Derek Hernandez (Joseph Julian Soria).

In this movie, Armando Montelongo plays the part of San Antonio Mayor Girolami. With an appearance by Vivica A. Fox as Agent Montelongo Sean Patrick Flanery as San Antonio’s police captain, Line of Duty perfectly, and violently, portrays how there are no rules when vengeance must be served.

Armando Montelongo is the executive producer of Mission Park, along with actor/producer Douglas Spain from HBO’s Band of Brothers serving as the project producer.

Officially selected at the Las Vegas Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Annual Hispanicize Film Festival, and CineFestival, Line of Duty was theatrically released on September 6, 2013.

Now available on DVD, iTunes, Netflix, and more.