Make-A-Wish Foundation

In April of 2015, Armando made an enormous pledge and dedication to three separate San Antonio charities, totaling over $1,000,000.

One of these charities was the Central and South Texas chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Armando donated a total of $350,000 to the charity. According to Amy Hone of the South Texas chapter, it takes on average about $5,000 to grant a child’s wish. Armando’s generous donation makes it possible to make so many children’s dreams come true.

Never one to go small in any endeavor, Armando also pledged his commitment to donating money to the Central and South Texas chapter of the Foundation by participating in what’s called the “Chairman’s Challenge.” This challenge prompts someone to donate a total of $100,000 within a consecutive period of 5 years, a challenge Armando was honored to take on.

These donations and recognitions prompted the Make-A-Wish Foundation to name Armando Montelongo their “Outstanding Philanthropist”. “I am humbled and honored to receive such an accolade. This award is emblematic of my personal and business commitment to community involvement and helping those in need,” Armando said of the recognition.

Armando is a long-time believer and educator in philanthropic endeavors, and is dedicated to sharing his success and fortune in any cause that he can.

Other donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation:

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