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In October 2011, Armando made the decision to move from outsourced marketing to an in-house media company. With a staff of over 50 years of advertising experience, his new direct response agency concentrated on purchasing traditional mass communication, such as TV, radio, and outdoor ads. At first their focus was traditional advertising, creating successful infomercials with the help of Armando Montelongo Productions. But because of the success of their results driven advertisements, they purchased their first digital ads in 2013. It has evolved into a full-blown agency, complete with web developers, graphic designers, traditional and digital buyers, and digital specialists.

Branding themselves as Montelongo Media, Media Vantage is comprised of various marketing and web specialists who work together to create advertisements, marketing campaigns, videos, web content, and manage social content for businesses.

Although the marketing team primarily focuses on serving Armando as a client and brand, they recently expanded their interests and assisted in marketing and advertising for San Antonio’s first-ever Terror Expo, an event sponsored by Armando Montelongo.

The agency is consistently moving at a lightning fast pace and is constantly expanding, having evolved from a staff of 8 – 17 people in a little over a year. Its marketing efforts have even been recognized by Facebook and  published in an online Case Study featuring top marketers and small businesses.


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