Starting off with no credit, experience, or knowledge, Armando is now known as one of the top real estate investors in the country. How did he go from living in his family-in-law’s garage to owning a multi-million dollar company?

After deciding to leave California to move back to his hometown in Texas, Armando made his very first deal. His first wholesale introduced him to a whole new world – and it was only the beginning.

As Armando continued buying, rehabbing, and selling more and more properties, he kept in mind what worked and what didn’t work. The more houses he flipped, the more he noticed a pattern. He wrote the pattern out and realized that he had come up with an excellent formula to successfully flip houses. The best part was that he didn’t even have to use his own money!

In his first 3 years of investing, Armando was able to bring in a net profit of $3 million. As his expertise was increasingly being sought after,  Armando has created a multi-million dollar real estate education program that has helped aspirant house flippers. For instance, Armando’s Flip and Grow Rich System teaches you how to find, fund, fix, and flip properties in the most efficient ways.

Residential real estate and in particular, flipping houses, is the most popular way to get started for anyone looking to get into the property game. Armando got his start in real estate by flipping houses and creating his system to gain the highest profit possible. Thanks to his trial and error, students across the US are able to change their lives, just like he did.

While he has branched into other business ventures, Armando is still very active in residential and commercial real estate.

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