Find Big Profit Flips In Oklahoma City

At this 3-Day Workshop, you’ll learn from Armando the newest and most essential systems for making the real estate market work for you. Join the thousands of students who have attended Armando’s events and jump started their real estate investment careers!

3-Day Workshop – Oklahoma City Nov. 22-24, 2019

$2,999.00 $1,497.00

Armando Montelongo’s Real Estate Investment Workshop is a 3-day training event where you can learn exactly what you need to know in order to find, fund, fix, and flip houses right here in the Oklahoma City area! Whether or not you have experience or a lot of money, with Armando’s methodical, step by step program, you can start making offers right now. Why try to figure it all out on your own when you can use the same proven process that made Armando Montelongo a multi-millionaire real estate investor?

DISCLAIMER: We want to be 100% transparent before you sign up!

This has nothing to do with “Getting Rich Quick”, Building MLMs, Work at Home, or Employment Opportunities. My program is for serious people trying to build a real business that are willing to roll up their sleeves and work. My results are in no way typical and there are NO guarantees you will make any money, get any results, or do anything at all. This is for educational purposes only.

HEre’s What You’ll Learn At the Event:


Structuring the Deals
ARV (After Repair Value)
Financing Your FIrst Deal
Paper Flips


Lease Options
Identifying Loser Deals
Calculating Winner Deals
Cash Flow Properties


Foreclosure Timeline
Locating Quick Flips
21 Success MUST-Haves
Quick Start Guide


Plus, Get these bonuses for FREE:

Armando's Best Selling Book Flip and Grow Rich

Read Armando’s rags-to-riches story, how he established his cookie cutter system, and the system’s methods to eliminate debt, create cash flow, and benefit from a foreclosure market.

How To Assess Properties and Negotiate it now CDs

Listen as Armando teaches how to determine property values and rehab costs so you can manage your project budget. Plus, he shows exactly how to negotiate so you can ensure you get the best deal possible.

Flip For Success DVD and Real Estate Now! CD

Watch Armando instruct how to buy houses that are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. Find the necessary tools to successfully flip homes that are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure for profit.

What Armando’s Students Have to Say:

Millionaires Take Action Now

Armando always says that the main differentiator between people who make millions and the people who don’t is that Millionaires Take Action Now. Are you ready to learn how to change your legacy and start building wealth in real estate? Click to reserve your seats now!