Armando Montelongo

Real Estate Mogul, Television Personality, Professional Speaker, Philanthropist

“I was fortunate enough to find millionaire mentors without whom I would have lost a lot of time, money, and hope. They helped me accomplish my goals and reach my dreams. This is why I am happy to share my secrets and help others succeed. Coming from living in my in-law’s garage and $50,000 in debt, I know what it’s like to struggle. I am the epitome of the American dream. I turned my misfortunes into millions, and I can help you do the same.” Armando Montelongo


Hello and welcome to the Armando Montelongo blog! As our first post, we’re going to keep it simple, short, and sweet. Here, you’ll be able to find the latest news in everything about real estate, house flipping, our events, and more! The blog will feature posts from...
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The Perfect Porch

In order to attract a seller, you need to get them through the door. What’s a better way to up the curb appeal than with an inviting red front door and a beautiful white porch? John and Brenda Quiles, a couple from Armando’s bus tour students, purchased this brick,...
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The Bare Bathroom

Armando’s very own bus tour student Jessica Regan turned this stripped, empty bathroom into a lovely spa like getaway. Jessica ripped off the old fashioned wall paper and instead painted the walls a soft grey color, tying in the backsplash and countertops together....
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Hell’s Kitchen

What do you do when the heart of your home is completely wrecked? In one of our remodels, Armando’s team had to figure what to do when the functionality, lighting and size of one of their properties’ kitchen just didn’t work. In order to open up the area, they decided...
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