In 2001, Armando began his career flipping houses. As Armando’s team slowly began to grow, he realized that his crazy, nontraditional small business would be perfect for a reality TV show. After filling out an application for A&E’s show Flip This House, Armando got a call back and the rest is history.

A&E’s Flip This House first premiered in 2005. Each episode followed the purchase and renovation of a property, revealing to the audience the price of purchase, cost of renovation, and market value (potential profit) of the completed, flipped property. As more and more people tuned in to watch the Montelongo Bunch, the show’s rating jumped from 800,000 people per episode to 1.1 – 1.4 million per episode.

Their fun, wild antics made a great show, but it wasn’t until Armando showed his softer side during episode 3 that things began to change. During that episode, an intern opened up to Armando about his desire to make money but didn’t have the confidence in his abilities. Armando then told him the story of how he was living off of food stamps and was $50,000 in debt. After the episode aired, Armando received the overwhelming support from thousands of people across America.

Being inspired by the love and support from the viewers Armando was receiving, he decided to share his success with everyone. In 2007, he launched Armando Montelongo Companies, which teaches and shows students how to flip and sell houses.

People were moved that he had once stayed in a garage and lived on food stamps. They were inspired and believed that they, too, could find success in house-flipping.