Armando Montelongo Seminars


This free Preview Event*, taught by Armando’s personal partners, provides an inside look at the house flipping business and teaches you about proven house flipping techniques. Network with successful partners and learn why anytime is the time for real estate. Learn about how to make money by flipping houses, build a retirement income through cash flow properties, and about how to keep your wealth through asset protection.

Available in over 40 cities across the United States, these events are for anyone looking to grow their wealth and for financial security.

At the Preview Events*, you will:

• Network with Armando’s hand-picked partners.
• See the options you can begin in real estate.
• Learn how to access Armando’s step-by-step system to investing.
…and so much more!

Seating is very limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!



Armando’s well-known Foundation Event*, is an intensive, information-packed 3-day workshop that gives you the foundation to build your own house flipping business. Learn all about how to find and fund your deals, how to use the techniques and rules Armando actively uses, and how to overcome common difficulties in real estate.

The three day event covers all important topics for beginning real estate investors. You will learn the ABC’s of real estate investing, such as:

• After repair value vs. fair market value
• The 1% Rule  versus Mixed Rate
• Various options for fixing and flipping

Upon completion of this in-depth, accelerated seminar, you’ll be equipped all the groundwork necessary for flipping properties. It’ll take a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence, but it is possible!

If you’re looking for more hands on experience, be sure to check out our Bus Tour information page.


Be a part of the famed bus tour, led and taught by Armando himself. A three day event with some of Armando’s most successful and exclusive partners and students.

At the bus tour, you will learn first-hand about house flipping techniques and easy fixes for profit and personal tips and advice from Armando Montelongo.

This is your opportunity to network with other investors, money lenders, and students from all across the US. Learn how to properly assess properties with Armando and some of his most successful students as your guide.

  • A one-of-a-kind event taught by Armando himself
  • Get hands-on training from a team of mentors
  • Network with other student investors and experienced team members
  • Learn how to drive your house flipping business to success

It took Armando a decade to establish his phenomenal house-flipping system.
Learn it from the bus tour in just 3 days!

*Those who attend the Preview Event will be given the opportunity to purchase additional training. Armando is unable to attend all events and may not attend the event for which you register. Buying and selling real estate, like any other business venture, does have inherent risk and you can lose money.