Reinas de Realty – which translates to Queens of Realty – premiered on Latin television network Mun2 in 2014.

The show featured students of the Armando Montelongo Real Estate System – couples Jackie and Raul Mateos and Liz and Mark Perez.

In 2007, Jackie and Raul lost both the real estate company they had managed and their first home. For Liz and Mark, a similar situation happened which caused the couples to take a leap of faith together and discovered the real estate education provided by Armando Montelongo.

The primary focus of the show was on Jackie Mateos and Liz Perez working together as business partners and maintaining a thriving house flipping business in the Los Angeles area. Together with their husbands, they take the Los Angeles real estate market by storm and focus on maintaining a successful business while also keeping their families close and tight-knit.

Reinas de Realty not only showed the business side of flipping houses, but also showcased many crazy moments that can happen when dealing with real estate. Maintaining a successful business, keeping the family close, and making time for loved ones can be a crazy chore – but Jackie, Raul, Liz, and Mark make it all look beyond effortless.

After learning and following the system, both couples quickly recovered from their downfalls, and Mark and Raul were even invited by Armando to teach and lead bus tours and other educational events held across the nation.

Reinas De Realty ran for a full 10 episodes. To this day, both couples are active investors in real estate.