The foundation of the company, Armando Montelongo Seminars, was born in 2007 and has consistently turned out successful students*. At its core, Armando Montelongo Seminars hosts thousands of real estate training events across the nation every year. Training ranges from free speaking engagements to advanced training and mentorship sessions with Armando and partners.


Armando promised he would share his techniques that led him to success, and with Armando Montelongo Seminars, he is doing just that. With his best of the best team of real estate mentors and strategists, Armando brings top real estate education to thousands across the nation every year. These students go into the market with all of the tools they need to create their own success.

Over the years, Armando Montelongo Seminars has built up one of the largest real estate networks in the nation and is poised to stretch this network around the globe. This network connects buyers, sellers and investors generating thousands of sales in the property market annually. He has created over 10 different real estate programs designed to teach students every aspect of managing a real estate business from house flipping to protecting the assets you will gain and even how to dominate a market.

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Armando first stepped into the public eye when he was chosen for A&E’s Flip This House. With his larger than life personality, Armando soon made the show one of the most popular do-it-yourself programs on cable TV. There, he met Bryan Ramirez, who would go on to produce an infomercial that launched Armando’s multi-million dollar real estate education company.

That introduction into the the entertainment industry was enough to spark Armando’s interest. Fueled by his desire to establish his hometown San Antonio as the Third Coast for movie productions in the United States, he formed Armando Montelongo Productions in 2011.

After teaming up with Armando, Bryan was appointed to write and direct their first, film Mission Park that was later re-titled to Line of Duty. The movie tells the story of four childhood friends who end up on the opposite side of the law.

Line of Duty was officially selected for the Las Vegas Film FestivalSan Diego Latino Film FestivalAnnual Hispanicize Film Festival, and for CineFestival.

In 2015, AM Productions released the highly acclaimed movie Entertainment, with Armando as executive producer. Entertainment was nominated for three awards and won a Locarno International Film Festival award and featured John C. Reilly and Michael Cera.


Armando’s business experience isn’t limited to real estate. On top of owning residential and commercial properties, Armando also owns a successful casual dining restaurant, Olde Fish House Marina.

Located in Matlacha, Florida right on the bay, the diner embodies the old, funky, laid-back Florida style with Matlacha flair. Known for  fresh seafood and cooked-to-perfection hush puppies, Olde Fish House Marina is at the top of the list for tourists and natives alike.

Olde Fish House Marina isn’t your ordinary restaurant. It offers the best seafood dining experience with an easy-going vibe complete with live music. Enjoy the signature best-seller sandwich, the Grouper Reuben, right on the bay. This is simply the perfect way to relax with family and friends!

If you are looking for delicious, fresh seafood and live music in a friendly Florida atmosphere, this is the place to be to enjoy a one of a kind waterfront dining experience. Come on out, kick back, relax and enjoy live entertainment, your favorite ice cold drink, fresh seafood, burgers and more.

If you would like to visit this location or would like more information you can visit the Olde Fish House Marina website.

*Not every student reports back about their performance over the years. It would be safe to expect to make little to no money and it is possible to lose money. The student success stories and examples, while well documented, cannot be considered typical. These students have participated in paid training and are not paid for their endorsement, and a few of our most successful students have joined the team as leaders and mentors. Some of these student deals may have incorporated the students’ cash or credit to grow their portfolio.