In February 2015, Armando Montelongo starred on the two-time Emmy award-winning CBS show, Undercover Boss. Over 8.5 million people tuned in to watch Armando go undercover as “Kevin Jones” to discover what was really going on within his company.

Undercover Boss is a show that transforms someone in an executive position into an entry-level worker within the same company. A CEO, for instance, disguises as a regular employee to work and mingle with others. By going undercover, the CEO can discover faults in the company and see first-hand the daily struggles that employees deal with both on and off the clock. The show usually culminates with the CEO rewarding the most diligent workers; changes are then implemented to improve the overall atmosphere within the workplace.

In this particular episode, Armando goes undercover as an electrician in one of his house flips, a Preview Event room director, call center employee, and even as a student in his own seminar. He pulls this off by being the first CEO on Undercover Boss to hire a body double to trick his employees and students into believing “Armando” was at the seminar the whole time.

While undercover, Armando worked with multiple employees of his company and was able to see for himself the problems that make for little and big nuisances, such as basic software issues, inconsistency in scheduling, unpredictable work environment, and communication issues within multiple departments.

Ultimately, Armando revealed himself to the employees and students he came in contact with and surprised each of them with a huge reward for their hard work and rough times.

Undercover Boss is an exclusive look at the Armando Montelongo Companies that you won’t get anywhere else. It takes a team of over 200 employees to keep the company running efficiently, but with Armando’s new discoveries, he makes improvements to the business and morale of his employees.