Armando's Foundation Event

Learn to use the step-by-step, methodical system that Armando has spent the last decade optimizing to consistently get deals in very competitive markets. Apply these strategies yourself to create a dependable passive income stream and achieve financial freedom so that you can give yourself and your family the life that you deserve.

Armando Montelongo

Real Estate Mogul, Television Personality, Professional Speaker, Philanthropist

“I was fortunate enough to find millionaire mentors without whom I would have lost a lot of time, money, and hope. They helped me accomplish my goals and reach my dreams. This is why I am happy to share my secrets and help others succeed. Coming from living in my in-law’s garage and $50,000 in debt, I know what it’s like to struggle. I am the epitome of the American dream. I turned my misfortunes into millions, and I can help you do the same.” Armando Montelongo